DI Olga Voglauer invited by MEP Maria Noichl to speak in Brussels

Drawing out links between the Common Agricultural Policy, soy, and deforestation in South America

The European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is fuelling tropical deforestation, according to a new report published by Fern at an event in the European Parliament on 03.05.2017. The event was hosted by MEP Maria Noichl (pictured, above), and chaired by Monika Hoegen. The report, Agriculture and deforestation – The EU Common Agricultural Policy, soy and forest destruction - looks at the links between CAP and soy imports from South America, where the expansion of the crop has resulted in large-scale deforestation, much of it illegal.

DI Olga Voglauer delivered a lesson in connecting with consumers as she told participants about her organic dairy farm in Austria. “Under a new CAP, the EU can support farmers in developing socially and ecologically viable local markets, with grassland based livestock production systems as one of the options. Consumers should also be made aware of how the animals were fed.”